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Tick the Salad Table off Your Bucket List

The Salad Table is the most versatile, productive complete garden system available

Whether you can't stand the outrageous supermarket prices, lack of quality and freshness, don't care too much for toxic chemicals, have no room for a garden, can't handle weeds / digging / bending or you just want to grow your own, the Salad Table is your perfect companion.

It doesn't matter if your'e a gardening guru or just starting out, we have you covered when it comes to an abundant year round supply of healthy fresh herbs and veggies.  

Just Some of the Benefits

No more weeds EVER

There is no such thing as weeds when you grow on your Salad Table. You will never have to dig, bend or use herbicides again. 

No toxic chemicals

You have total control of what goes on your food. Commercial supermarket produce has been sprayed with chemicals that kill insects on contact. You might as well eat fly spray!!! But not anymore.

Fresh food on hand, Always

Just pop out the back or on to the patio to harvest your ingredients for tonights menu. Enjoy the freshest of fresh salads straight from the garden. Cut off what you need or simply take the whole bunch and store what you don't use. It will last for ages in the fridge. And to top it off, each bunch will cost you less than 40c

Grow Absolutely Anywhere

Our Australia wide community of Salad Table owners are growing their fresh herbs and veggies on high-rise balconies, courtyards, pool areas, small yards, patios, pergolas, schools, shops, and even on acreage. Grab a full spectrum LED light and grow indoors. Anywhere...  

Developed by a Farmer

That's right, I designed The Salad Table based on the same principles as my farm in the Lockyer Valley west of Brisbane. You can rest assured you are investing in a quality proven product manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned family business.

The simple way to grow

This is the only garden product where you get the lot. The whole kit and caboodle. Ready to start growing the minute it arrives at your door. Nutrient. Grow cubes. Pump. Seeds. EVERYTHING. Set up in minutes. Grow for years. It moves when you move. Did I mention the 10 year warranty on the grow channel?

You Might Be Wondering...

How much can I save?

Up to $2,200 a year when you purchase our 68 plant model. This figure is based on each plant costing you less than 40c instead of $3 that you currently pay (probably more) and a growth turnover of 4 weeks. You can even save up to $1,200 a year with our 36 plant Salad Table. It's an investment, not a liability... 

What can I grow?

Coriander, parsley, watercress, strawberries, thyme, dill, kale, oak leaf / coral / butterhead lettuce, basil, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, choy, celery, wombok cabbage, cucumber, mint, lemon basil, mustard greens, silverbeet, endive, swiss chard, chives, lavender, marjoram, sage, beans, chillies, mizuna and much more. Experiment...

What does delivery cost?

I'm glad you asked! Nothing, zero, zip, zilch to most metro and some regional areas throughout Australia when you purchase any model Salad Table. When you need nutrient and grow cubes later, we will send them with free delivery no matter where you live.

What's the warranty period?

I'm not sure if any other company provides a 10 year warranty on a garden but we do. That's right, 10 years on our grow channel. If your channel fails due to defective workmanship or substandard material we will replace it for free. Can't beat that.

" Dionne - Nth QLD

I brought 2 and they are the best money I've ever spent! I've grown everything from cabbage to mouse melons to eggplant, courgette and broccoli rabe in my systems. Denis gives awesome customer service and back up.


" Darryl - Brisbane

Crop is growing a treat and I haven't lost one plant. The left over seedlings got planted in the veg soil garden, the plants in the salad table have grown very fast and the ones in soil are only half the size.

Ready to Start Growing?

When you invest in a Salad Table, you not only invest in a healty lifestyle, but you also invest in a small part of my farm and ALL of my experience. No matter what your goals are, together we will achieve them. To make your purchase a little easier choose our Zippay interest free forever option.